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I’m back!

Hello lovely ones! This blog has been quiet for some time as I’ve been focusing much of my attention on my hypnotherapy studies. Perhaps you’ve been following me on that blog, perhaps not – maybe this is your first visit to Devi Doula. Whatever the case may be – welcome! Of course I have also been…

My blog has moved!


You can now find me blogging on my sister website, Unfolding The Self.

Nourish The Goddess Tea


What is one simple way to increase your daily intake of vitamins & minerals? Drink herbal infusions daily! Herbal infusions are both inexpensive and easy to make. In our home, my 17 year old daughter and I both enjoy a blend that I call Nourish the Goddess. Our tea has equal parts of the following herbs:…


water lily

  Reiki  (pronounced Ray-Key) is he Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. It is an ancient, hands-on healing act that balances energy in the body and promotes health on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  “Rei” means Universal, higher power. “Ki” is the life-force energy that flows through and is radiated by every…

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